Akash Sadashivapeth

Data Scientist

Welligence Energy Analytics


I am a Data Scientist at Welligence. I work on managing the data science pipeline and building a state of the art analytics platform to forecast oil and gas production.

Over the past 5+ years, having worked as a teaching assistant developing a machine learning course for undergraduates and as a data scientist at a start-up, I have had the unique opportunity to work on every facet of the data science pipeline.

Starting with the sometimes mundane but also the most fundamental tasks, I work on developing automated integrity checks, data cleaning scripts, and exploratory data analysis (R tidyverse, Postgresql, and a splash of the very occasional python).

This work naturally feeds into machine learning and some of the more fun aspects of data science. I work on developed proprietary machine learning packages for Welligence using R and have used some of the more commonly used packages for deep learning such as Keras, sci-kit learn, and caret.

Finally, a personal favorite of mine is data visualization. I work extensively with R Shiny to develop client-facing analytics dashboards, which use leaflet, RGDAL, and simple features for mapping, plotly for data visualization, and custom javascript data visualization packages that I port to R using htmlwidgets.


  • Data analysis
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Mapping
  • Scuba diving


  • Master of Science in Engineering, Data Science, 2018

    University of Pennsylvania

  • BEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 2016

    PES Institute of Technology







Data Visualization



Head of Data Science

Welligence Energy Analytics

Feb 2021 – Present Philadelphia PA

Data Scientist

Welligence Energy Analytics

May 2018 – Feb 2021 Philadelphia PA

Data Science Internship

Welligence Energy Analytics

Jan 2018 – May 2018 Philadelphia PA

Teaching Assistant ESE305

University of Pennsylvania

Aug 2017 – Dec 2017 Philadelphia PA
Teaching Assistant for ESE 305 - Foundations of Data Science

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